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Holidays in Lipsi

Holidays in Lipsi


The type of vacation that Lipsi represents is for families, couples and groups of friends looking for personalized services away from crowded places. Enjoy swimming, diving, and fishing in crystal clear waters of exceptional beauty. Wander its alleys, visit its attractions, taste the local cuisine, take part in the celebrations and traditional festivals, and enjoy life as the locals do, that cherish the values and customs of the island. 

So, for those of you who want to escape from the noise of the big city and enjoy nature, peace and quiet, the beautiful landscapes, the rich marine life and small beaches with turquoise waters - where luckily there are no umbrellas and sunbeds, along with the local hospitality, Lipsi Travel Services is at your disposal to facilitate your vacation in idyllic Lipsi!

How to come

By boat: During summer, the island is connected to Piraeus twice a week by the ferries of Bluestar Ferries and Hellenic Seaways and daily with Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos and Samos with the catamarans of Dodekanisos Seaways, and the boats: Nisos Kalymnos, Patmos Star, Saos Ferries, Lampi Express II. At our office you can book your tickets but also organize a tour from island to island for the Dodecanese and islands of the Cyclades and North Aegean.

By air: Coming to Lipsi is possible through the airports of Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes, Ikaria or Samos with Olympic Air, Sky Express, Astra-Airlines, Ryanair, and then via local boats and catamaran that connect Lipsi with the surrounding islands.

By yacht, sailing boat or motorboat: On the island there is an organized marina and gas station for fuel, electricity and water. Lipsi Travel Services offers a 24-hour Yacht & Port Agent Service. We take care of all documents and formalities, food & beverage provisioning for your boat, your private excursions, babysitting and your entertainment on board!  

Where to stay


Lately, especially during July and August, the occupancy reaches 100%! The island is filled with Italians, Greeks, and French in their majority, many of whom have been coming repeatedly for many years. So it is best to take care of your accommodation long before your stay in Lipsi.

Lipsi Travel Services cooperates with all the accommodations on the island. Depending on your preferences, will make your reservation in hotels, villas, studios, holiday apartments, local houses or rooms for rent for short or long stay, in the residential area, on a hill or a beach.

All you need to do is tell us what you would like, as we can provide accommodation for all tastes, from absolute privacy to the best places for you and your friends. You can review all the possibilities and choose the ideal one for you. We will arrange all the rest so that you can have the most relaxing time of your life.

Where to eat

Food is one of the main pleasures of life, and in Lipsi this is fully verified. There are restaurants, taverns, and ouzeries for all tastes along the port area, the marina and in the village, but also at the beaches of Platis Gialos and Katsadia. 

The people of Lipsi use the local fresh products for their splendid, traditional recipes. Besides, the sea gives them freely its treasures: fish, crayfish, shrimps, crabs, oysters and octopuses ideally accompany the ouzo that you will drink at dusk in the port, a meeting place of locals and visitors who soon become friends. 

And if you prefer cooked food, try the local specialty of stuffed wild goat, zucchini flowers with rice, pitaroudia, giaprakia. Accompany your meal with the delicious sourdough bread and Lipsi wine. For a sweet taste try pougakia, patsavouropita, xerotigana with thyme honey and fruit preserves, they will reward you. Be sure to try the sweet, dark red wine that comes from the Fokiano variety and is bottled on the island. The variety of flavors in Lipsi has no end!

Exploring Lipsi

In Lipsi every single day is an opportunity to fill it with new experiences. Together with the smaller islands that surround it, they are waiting for you to explore them, as they are «living museums of natural history» and unspoiled places.  

With a rich ecosystem and their listing in the Natura 2000 environmental network, they are a refuge for the Monachus-monachus seal, for sea turtles and birds, making it ideal for bird-watching. The rocks and the seaside caves offer shelter for the rare egeoglaro (Audouin's gull), which has an entire rookery in Lipsi and in the islets of Makronisi and Aspronisi. Also, you’ll watch the migratory mavropetritis (Eleonora's Falcon), also known as varvaki and nests in rookeries, mostly on uninhabited islets or on inaccessible cliffs.


What do we mostly do during the summer holidays? We swim, of course! Swim in the turquoise waters or snorkel to marvel at the beautiful seabed of Lipsi! Did you know that the beaches of Lipsi are famous for the pristine, natural landscape with the enchanting crystal blue-green waters without umbrellas and sunbeds?

Pebble beaches, such as the beach below the church of Kimissi tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin Mary) in the southwest of the island, Hochlakoura and Xirokampos in the southeast, Monodentri - a beach with large white pebbles in the northeast, and further up Kamares, a secluded beach with cedars for shade and the natural coves that have been formed on the rock by the force of the sea.

For those who prefer the sand, Lientou, just a 5-minute walk from the center of the village, with shallow waters and tamarisk (Saltcedar) trees - ideal for those with small children, Kampos after Lientou, Platis Gialos in the northwest, Katsadia and Papandria in the south of the island.

Some of these beaches can be accessed on foot following the hiking paths. At the most remote beaches, you can go in style with the luxury minibus of our office that makes round trips, part of our transfer and island tour services. 

Churches and chapels

Visit: «Panagia tou Charou» (Madonna of Death). The church of Panagia tou Charou, one of the oldest and most important on the island, built around 1600 by monks of the Monastery of Patmos. The church got its name from the exquisite icon of the Virgin Mary that depicts Her holding Christ Crucified and not as an infant.

The Church of Saint John Theologian, in the central square of the village, constructed in 1931 from hewed stone, where you will also see the icon of Panagia Mavri (Black Madonna) that dates back to 1500.

The Church of Saint John Theologian.png

The Church of Saint John Theologian

The Church of Kimissi tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin Mary). Visit the churches Pano Panagia (Kimissi tis Theotokou) built in 1500 and Kato Panagia of 1770, which are connected to the ‘Path of the Kimissi’ a 900m. paved path. The church of Kimissi is in the small port by the same name, in an area surrounded by vegetation, next to a freshwater spring. 

The Church of Panagia in Kouselio. The small church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary is located in Kouselio, is built on the ruins of a large three-nave basilica, on the site of its sanctum. The original Byzantine inscriptions are visible on the walls, which were constructed to include marbles from the pre-existing church. 

The Church of Panagia in Kouselio.png

The Church of Panagia in Kouselio

The Church of Agios Panteleimon (Saint Panteleimon). The church of Agios Panteleimon in Katsadia stands next to the ruins of a three-aisled, wood-roofed basilica from the 5th century AD. Here also there are remnants of mosaic floors.

And many others such as: The two churches dedicated to Saint Nikolas, right and left of the port. The church of Agios Theologos in Moschato, from the 17th century. The church of Prophet Elias on the hilltop in front of the port. The church of Christos, in the cove of the same name. The church of Saint Nektarios, with the island's Baptistery and many others dedicated to a multitude of Saints.

It is also worth seeing:

The Ancient Acropolis – the archaeological site located SE of the settlement of Lipsi, at the top of the hill «Kastro», where there are the ruins of an ancient town.

Ancient Acropolis – Ruins of ancient wall and tower.png

Ancient Acropolis – Ruins of ancient wall and tower

The Ecclesiastical and Folk-Art Museum - Nikiforeio, close to the church, where you will see ecclesiastical heritage items and the island’s archaeological collection.

The Ecclesiastical and Folk-Art Museum - Nikiforeio.png

Ecclesiastical and Folk-Art Museum - Nikiforeio

The Mill of Αravi, an old windmill in the northern part of the island, on the main road and at the highest point of the settlement, is suitable for taking the most beautiful photos.

Cheese Factory Lipsi Island.png
Cheese Factory Lipsi Island 2.png

Alfa Farm Cheese Factory

The cheese factory and the buffalo farm. At Alfa Farm cheese factory in Lipsi, you will find local and traditional products. Semi-hard cheeses, soft cheeses, cream cheeses and yogurt from buffalo, cow, and goat milk from farm animals. Buffalo milk products such as mozzarella, Stagionato and yogurt are excellent. Remarkable cheeses are the Caciotta with the name ‘Xenaki’, but also the gruyere, kefalotyri, xinomyzithra. The cheeses are certified according to regulations. The products can be found in the supermarket, the mini markets and in the Traditional Bakery of the island but also in the cheese factory, which is a 5 minute walk from the village of Lipsi, at the beach of Lientou.

Lipsi Winery.png

Lipsi Winery

Lipsi Winery

The winery started operating in 2013. On the slope of a low hill, above a vineyard and the Aegean Sea in the background, the Winery is built on two levels - combining traditional island style with the latest production facilities. On the first level the wines are processed and bottled, on the second level is the cellar, the aging area in stable temperature conditions. A pleasant tasting surprise awaits the visitor as he/she tours the interiors, or just enjoys the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the island neighborhood of Lipsi from the porch. 

The Lipsi Winery vineyards collectively cover an area of around four and a half hectares where they grow the varieties Fokiano, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Mandilaria and Syrah.  

Fokiano is a rare, robust variety, resistant to diseases and drought which gives a rich color and a nice bouquet. The Fokiano variety is one of the ancient indigenous varieties, which owes its name to the city of Phocaea in Asia Minor and according to tradition, the island wine was a gift from the god Dionysus. 

Fokiano has been cultivated in Lipsi for generations for the production of sweet wine, and at the winery they make «Aposperitis», a gold awards-winning wine, in the traditional way, from ripe grapes, picked and left to dry for several days in the sun to acquire a rich taste and color.

The winery is certified to ISO 22000, which ensures production procedures follow strict food safety and hygiene requirements. 

Dimitris Farm Lipsi.png

Dimitris Farm

Dimitris Farm and Vineyard - Organic Natural Living / Tourist Attraction

Dimitri’s farm and vineyard is a 200-year-old, family owned and operated establishment on Lipsi.  The farm is located three kilometers away from the center of the village and 100 meters from the sea. Here you will find local products such as vegetables, grapes, figs, olives, olive oil, cheese, and of course wine. Dimitris Farm’s mission is to revive man’s connection with nature through raising awareness and offering opportunity to practice natural farming and cooking, working with natural materials, and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

Dimitri’s farm hosts also students from around the world, for study abroad and volunteer programs. The program offers the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational activities including hands-on and sustainable farming practices, all-natural winemaking (seasonal), gardening, preserving produce and herbs (sun-drying tomatoes, making jam, and others), cheese-making, olive harvesting (seasonal), livestock raising, and cooking traditional Greek dishes. Off the farm, students can learn modern Greek language, Greek dance, and Greek Orthodox Studies. Recreational activities include island-hopping, rock-climbing, snorkeling, SCUBA certification, swimming, sailing, fishing, and much more. They offer a certificate of completion on modern Greek language, Greek orthodox study, Greek cooking classes, and scuba certification. 

Sea Excursions

Our office organizes day trips and cruises where you can explore the surrounding small islands by renting a private boat and enjoy diving and snorkeling in dreamy places!  

Visit Tiganakia in Arki and swim in clear waters like a swimming pool. Marathi with the 3 taverns and 5 residents in winter, a favorite place of yachts and fishermen. Makronisi with its stone arch which is the most impressive formation on the south side, with a short underwater passageway which can easily be crossed with a good dive. Coming to the surface, you find yourself on the north side, inside a wonderful round natural pool. Aspronissia, the impressive white rocks of the two small islands, the small beach with pure white pebbles and the shallow passage between them, and especially the astonishing turquoise waters, which compose a magnificent landscape of incomparable beauty.

If you are a fan of fishing, Lipsi is ideal! In addition to fishing from shore, you can rent a boat and go offshore for a better catch. Our office will find for you a boat with a skipper to enjoy your hobby.


If you like walking, Lipsi will no doubt please you! The size of the island is such that invites you to discover it all on foot. Following the paths you will discover ravines, verdant fields full of oregano, thyme, sea lily, olive trees, figs and vineyards and small forests with island cedars.  

Follow the paved path from the church of Kimissi tis Theotokou to the church of Pano Kimissi or walk up to the Mill of Aravi located at the highest point of the village. Going even higher, on the hill Kastro, with the remains of the ancient citadel located at the highest point of the island, with an amazing view!

Trekking Map Lipsi.png

The Municipality of Lipsi, in fact, has issued a special map for hiking routs, with the contribution to the mapping and the toponyms of Mr. Angelis Kairis.

Horse riding

For the friends of horse riding, 7 beautiful horses are waiting for you for a ride at «Lipsi Horse Riding»

Horse Back Riding Lipsi.png

Camping in Lipsi is not allowed. If you are camping on a beach, you may find yourself in the difficult position of having to leave in search of accommodation, which will be almost impossible if it is August…

In case of an emergency

And by this we mean a health issue that requires immediate attention. In addition to the pharmacy, on the island there is a Multipurpose Regional Clinic which is staffed by a Rural Doctor and nursing staff. The clinic has a general medical examination room, a gynecological, pediatric, radiological and microbiological laboratory, a mini-surgery room and a short-term treatment room. 

For more difficult cases that require further examinations and treatment, patients are transported to the hospital of Leros by local boats in 30-40 minutes. The island also has a heliport for transporting medical emergencies to nearby islands.

Useful phone numbers

TOWN HALL: +30 22470 41 209 -133-206-010-105, +30 22473 60500

PHARMACY: +30 22470 28981

CLINIC: +30 22470 41204

DENTAL CLINIC: +30 22470 41115, +30 6974497924

POLICE: +30 22470 41222

PORT AUTHORITY: +30 22470 41133

POST OFFICE: +30 22470 41249

BANK: +30 22470 28965

PETROL STATION: +30 22470 41101

«ODYSSEAS ELYTIS» LIBRARY: +30 22470 41410

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